As Li-Fi ( Light Fidelity ) is a remarkable creation and innovation of the Internet technology. So Let’s talk about the internet at first, It was invented by dozens of pioneering scientists, programmers, and engineers who each toiled hard and developed new features and technologies that eventually merged and assembled network to networks and that became the modern internet.
In 1990, computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented world wide web. The web helped popularized the internet among the public and played a major role in developing the vast source of information that most of us access on daily basis.
When the internet came into this world, it created a new revolution in the world of technology.
The world started changing, growing and transforming with the help of this phenomenal technology.

As we know the world of technology never ever gets stopped. Creations, Innovations, Experiments, and developments are happening on daily basis. In the world of technology, everything is getting transformed and developed with some new amazing features and services.
The Internet technology started growing and transforming the world and invented a new and amazing technology which is called Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi technology made a huge & great impact and proved to be a new milestone in the world of internet technology. People started incorporating and using this technology into their business, offices, and houses. It provides wireless internet connectivity to our computers, tablets, Mobile phones, and other devices through electromagnetic waves. Wi-Fi currently carries more than 60% of the world’s internet traffic. It is very popular because of some unique, amazing and exceptional features.

In 2011, The world of internet technology got surprised, a new technology was invented by Professor Harald Hass which is called Li-Fi ( Light Fidelity) technology. 

What is Li-Fi:

It is a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes ( LEDs ) for data transmission. LiFi LED bulbs are outfitted with a chip that modulates the light imperceptibly for optical data transmission. LiFi data is transmitted by LED bulbs and received by photoreceptors.
This technology will take us into a new world where every LED light could connect us to the internet. LED lights that immolate our offices, homes, cars, and our streets will also be connecting us to the data and powering our growing demand for connectivity.

This technology says that if there is a LED light, there can be data. As in these days, we are using LED lights for the lighting purpose, same LED lights will be used for the data transmission purpose.

How does it work:

The way LiFi works is very simple but very powerful. When a constant current is applied to an LED light bulb, a constant stream of photons are emitted from the bulb which is seen as illumination. LED bulbs are semiconductor devices, which means the current, and therefore the illumination can be modulated at extremely high speeds which can be detected by the photo-detector. Using this technique allows for high-speed information can be transmitted from an LED light bulb.
This technology uses light from LED lights to transmit data and provide much faster internet connectivity.


Advantages of LiFi:

As we have discussed that what LiFi is and how it works, But the main concern is where it stands when gets compared to WiFi. In order to get an understanding as to which one is better, let’s talk about some features and benefits.


While using the internet we face a major problem which is Speed, We always complain about internet speed. LiFi technology can possibly deliver data transfer speed of 224 gigabits per second which clearly leaves WiFi far behind. Test report says this technology produced 100 Gbps in a controlled environment. As we know the light spectrum is 1000 times larger than radio spectrum which helps in gaining high speed.


One of the main advantages of this technology is security. As we know LiFi works with light and light can be contained, Light can not travel through the walls which means LiFi signals can be secured in physical space. A part of this technology also enables additional control as data can be directed from one device to another. Users can see where data is going.
As we can control and contain our lights same like this we can control our data.
Because of this amazing features, this technology could be used in Defense, Banking, and other sensitive industries.

Energy Efficiency:

LiFi technology does not need extra energy and power to get operated. this technology allows the repurposing of light for communications as it uses the same infrastructure. As we know that LED lights are widely efficient and LiFi technology gives them another purpose.
LED lights will be using less energy to provide an extra service.

All private or public street lights could be used to provide LiFi services. We will not be needing extra infrastructure or expenses to monitor and control lighting and data.

With the help of this technology, we can track and find the exact locations because each LiFi enabled lights has it a unique IP address which means advanced geofencing can be deployed simply in a LiFi network.

Undoubtedly Wi-Fi has been a boon for all of us but factors like increasing congestion, interference with sensitive equipment and saturation of the bandwidth clearly indicate the shortcomings of the current technology. Li-Fi, on the other hand, digitizes the world by manipulating light in order to transmit information using low-energy technology. Besides, features like high-speed data transfer and privacy further favor the use of Li-Fi over Wi-Fi.

It is impossible to replace WiFi with LiFi because of the existing infrastructure, system, and electricity problems. But it could be very useful for the certain business like airliners, hospitals, defense and some others. According to the time and edge, we can not choose one of them. we can use as per as the requirements.